Following in the grand tradition of cinematic epics like Lawrence of Arabia and Gone with The WindHELL! is a musical comedy that tells the story of a man locked in a battle for his very soul.

When Roger Oddcock wakes up in Hell and discovers it's just a boring office that's in no way fit for a rock god of his stature, he convinces a goofy, out-of-touch Satan (Erma Kyriakos) to let him return to earth on one condition: that he'll write her a song that's so epic it'll convince everyone on Earth that what they really want is to die and go straight to Hell. Soon God (Aviva Siegel) and big time businessman Michael St. Michael (Scott Vermeire) want a piece of him too. Will Roger get to focus on what's most important: relaxing and partying? Or will rude assholes stand in his way?

HELL! is a rock-and-roll musical comedy for the ages


Directed by Richard Something & GM Sukara with Music by Roger Oddcock

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